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Camsco manufactures Method 325 passive sampling tubes, sampling kits, protective tube shelters and all necessary accessories to comply with Method 325.

Monitoring Equipment & Accredited Method 325B Laboratory analysis are included with our Monitoring Programs.  We offer Short Term Pilot Programs and Long Term Monitoring Programs.

325 TubeTrack Software

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Sampling Kit for 325 Fenceline Monitoring

Monitoring Equipment

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Camsco products and services can be packaged together or provided individually to address your specific Refinery Sector Rule (RSR) Fenceline Monitoring needs.

325 TubeTrack is a cloud based software for planning, tracking, analyzing and reporting refinery fenceline monitoring data.  The goal of 325 TubeTrack is to help refineries track and understand the large amount of data this regulation generates. 

Passive Sampling Tube Shelter